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Dave Belgard's Candidate Statement - Why I'm Running for City Council

Hello Gaithersburg, my name is Dave Belgard and I’m running for City Council because I want to continue the good work that our council has done for our city, while increasing our focus on a few very important areas.

Small businesses create two thirds of all jobs in our country. They are the engine that puts our nation to work. I believe in the importance of our small businesses and the jobs that they create. As a city council member, I will focus our efforts on supporting, and building up, the business that employ two thirds of our residents, neighbors, and friends.

Our city has grown by 10,000 residents in the last decade and is projected to grow by over 15,000 in the next. We must plan-ahead to ensure that there are places for all of our residents to live. And we must be proactive about enhancing our public facilities, schools, and transportation networks to accommodate everyone.

The housing shortage has affected Gaithersburg, just as it has our country. As a city council member, I will work to ensure that any new development is focused on increasing housing availability and affordability.

The redevelopment of Lakeforest will define the future of our city for decades. This is our opportunity to build for a sustainable future that creates increased opportunity and quality of life for our residents. This site brings together everything that I’m focusing my efforts on, and I am dedicated to ensuring that it is redeveloped right for our city.

When my wife, Julie, and I moved to Gaithersburg - our first child was only two. We chose Gaithersburg as the city to grow our family in. Eleven years, and two children later, we are more convinced than ever that we chose well.

Gaithersburg has grown to hold a special place in our hearts. Our city has a soul that can be felt as you drive or walk around it. Our city is proud that it’s one of the most diverse in the nation. Our city drives innovation, and is a place that people move to and not away from.

I’m Dave Belgard and I’m running for City Council because I want to help make our great city - even better. I’m running because when my children are adults, I want them to be able to live and thrive in Gaithersburg just like I do.

Thank you and vote Dave Belgard for City Council on November 2nd, or by mail-in ballot.

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