Why I'm Running

I am running to ensure that our city embraces its diversity in all ways, that we empower our residents to be a part of our political decisions, and that we grow our economy with jobs of all types.

We can build on the strength of our cultural, racial, and economic diversity and we can do it while preserving all of the already wonderful parts our city.

I am running for City Council because I am committed to helping Gaithersburg continue to be a place where I am proud for my family to live.

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Dave Belgard has been a Montgomery County resident for over 30 years and a Gaithersburg resident since 2010. Prior to 2010, he lived on the Rockville side of Shady Grove Road and would longingly look at the Gaithersburg side whenever it snowed and the Gaithersburg plows would come through.

He believes strongly in this city, its mission, and its residents. As a council member, Dave will ensure that Gaithersburg maintains its focus on fiscal responsibility while also encouraging diverse job growth, community engagement, investing in the city, and decreasing our environmental impact.

Dave currently serves the city on the Police Advisory Committee, the Community Advisory Committee, and on the CPSC Park Advisory Committee.

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Talk about the successes and issues in your neighborhood. Recognize a community leader or a good Samaritan. Do you have a great idea for how to make our city better? This is your chance to let Dave know about it!