Gaithersburg's Opportunities

Gaithersburg is strong, resilient, diverse, and driven to do right for all of its residents. While we have made great strides over the last decade, there are still significant opportunities for our city to do even better.

Diversify Gaithersburg Job Growth - small

Diversify Job Growth

Everyone deserves the opportunity to work close to where they live.

Gaithersburg needs a diverse range of jobs to support its diverse residents.

We must encourage job growth for everyone. Whether you are a doctor, a mechanic, a researcher, or a cook – Gaithersburg should have a job for you.

Engage Gaithersburg Residents - small

Engage our Communities

We make the best decisions for our city when more residents are part of those decisions.

Our diversity is one of our strengths and we can lean into that by actively engaging residents from all cultures, races, and locations within Gaithersburg.

We must increase our outreach and actively empower residents from all areas of our city to be part of our decision making.


Focus on the Environment

It is up to each of us to strengthen our environment and keep our world a healthy place to live.

Minimizing our environmental impact should part of every discussion we have and every decision we make.

Gaithersburg must continue to expand on its green initiatives.


Increase Housing Affordability

People should be able to afford to live in the same city they work in.

Housing of all types needs to be available to support the wide range of economic diversity in Gaithersburg.

We must work to bring in more 'missing middle' housing into our city.