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"The measure of a person is not what they do when they win, but rather what they do when they lose"


The last six and a half months have been an exciting adventure and I deeply appreciate each of you that joined me on it. I learned so much more about our great city, I walked almost every neighborhood street here, and I made a lot of new friends.


Everything You Want to Know About Dave Belgard - All In One Place


You're doing your research to understand all of the candidates' positions, background, and personalities. It can be hard to locate all of the details that you might find important. I don't want you to have to struggle to learn about me. Following is a list of topics, with multiple links for each, that will make it easy to find pretty much everything on the web about me and my positions.

Check back as I will update this list with new links as they are available.


Vote with a Mail In Ballot


This year the City of Gaithersburg is making it easier than ever to vote with a mail-in ballot!


Oscar Alvarenga - Why I support Dave Belgard for Gaithersburg City Council


Hello, my name is Oscar Alvarenga and I'm endorsing Dave Belgard for Gaithersburg City Council.


This September 11th take a moment to remember the first responders

Twenty years ago our nation became fully aware that we were not safe even on our own soil. On September 11th 2001 terrorists crashed two planes into the Twin Towers and one into the Pentagon. A fourth plane crashed in a field when the passengers attempted to regain control from the terrorists.


Questions and Answers with the Gaithersburg Newsletter


Keith, with the Gaithersburg Newsletter, asks some good questions of the City Council and Mayor candidates. Here are my answers.


Celebrating Labor Day 2021


Today is Labor Day and that means many of us have the day off work! Labor Day though is so much more than just a day off.


Dave Belgard's Candidate Statement - Why I'm Running for City Council

Hello Gaithersburg, my name is Dave Belgard and I’m running for City Council because I want to continue the good work that our council has done for our city, while increasing our focus on a few very important areas.


We must focus our support on our #SmallBusinesses and the #Jobs they create

One of the core reasons I’m running is that I want to ensure that Gaithersburg is fully focused on building up and supporting our small businesses.


Josh Fischer - Why I support Dave Belgard for Gaithersburg City Council


My friend Dave Belgard is a long-time resident of Montgomery County and has resided in our city since 2010. He’s family-focused, dedicated to his community, and committed to serving on several local committees.


Josh Fischer Joins Dave Belgard’s campaign for Gaithersburg City Council


Please join me in welcoming Josh Fischer to my campaign! Josh has worked on a number of campaigns, and he is a lifelong advocate for raising the minimum wage, affordable housing, and workers’ rights as well as advocating against child abuse. He is intimately familiar with Gaithersburg and our city’s needs, and he leaned on that familiarity when he ran for City Council in 2017.


Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and father-figures that have helped mold the next generation into good and kind people!

Without the lessons my father, John Belgard, taught me I would not be the person, and the father, that I am today.


One year ago George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin


One year and one day ago George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin, who at the time was a Minneapolis police officer.

Chauvin, who had a history of abusing his power as an officer of the law, was convicted on all counts earlier this year. That conviction though does not suddenly ‘fix’ the issues that allowed, and even enabled, a person such as Derek Chauvin to be a menace to those he was supposed to protect.


Council Testimony on the Lakeforest Master Plan


I submitted my consolidated testimony regarding the Lakeforest Master Plan to the City Council this past Friday (5/21/21). It's 8 pages long so instead of making you read it all I'll summarize it here.


Lakeforest Mall – Gaithersburg’s Biggest Opportunity


The reimagining of the Lakeforest Mall property represents Gaithersburg’s most significant opportunity to affect the feeling and direction of our city for the next several decades.

Centrally located on the East side of Gaithersburg, the property can support new jobs and new affordable and market rate housing. With green spaces and green buildings, the property can represent a hallmark environmental initiative.


Happy Mother's Day!


On Mother's Day we take a moment to honor our moms and special people in our lives that nurture and support us. Hopefully we have been giving them the love and adoration that they deserve all year long and just heap on some extra today. There are people who may not have the opportunity or ability to be mothers. Even without children of their own, they too deserve our thanks and recognition for the care they give others.


Dave Belgard is Running for Gaithersburg City Council in the November 2021 Election


I'm excited to formally announce that I am running for Gaithersburg City Council in the November 2021 election. As Mayor Ashman often says, "Gaithersburg is the greatest city in the world!" I wholeheartedly agree with the mayor, Gaithersburg **IS** a great city! Gaithersburg is strong, resilient, diverse, and driven to do right for all of its residents. While we have made great strides over the last decade, there are still significant opportunities for our city to do even better.