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Lakeforest Mall – Gaithersburg’s Biggest Opportunity


The reimagining of the Lakeforest Mall property represents Gaithersburg’s most significant opportunity to affect the feeling and direction of our city for the next several decades.

Centrally located on the East side of Gaithersburg, the property can support new jobs and new affordable and market rate housing. With green spaces and green buildings, the property can represent a hallmark environmental initiative.

Lakeforest Mall was built in 1978 and served as a central anchor point for the East side of Gaithersburg for the next 39 years. Since 2017 though, Lakeforest has been in continual decline and is now just a shell of a building and acres of empty parking. This empty ocean of asphalt can be transformed into a useful and beautiful representation of everything that the East side of Gaithersburg can provide.

This site can anchor hundreds of new jobs for all type of workers. From light manufacturing, to retail, to office, to service jobs - this site can support jobs for our residents with skill of all different types.

At the same time, we can build new residences that can provide housing of all different types for our residents. By encouraging building of ‘missing-middle’ and mid-rise housing this site can become a community for all of our residents.

With 100 acres of land there is opportunity for this site to be transformed from a lifeless and unused commercial zone into a vibrant community and job center.


The council has been working for some time on a master plan for this site. Whether the master plan is completed this year or not - it is future councils that will be responsible for ensuring that the Lakeforest Mall site is built to the standard that supports Gaithersburg's residents and future.

I am running on a platform that focuses on: diverse job creation, increasing affordable housing, and making the environment a key focus of everything we do. As a City Councilmember I will ensure that the Lakeforest Mall site rebuilding encompasses each of those values.

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