Meet Dave

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Dave Belgard has lived in Montgomery county for over 30 years and has been a Gaithersburg resident since 2010. He’s a product of the MoCo public school system and the Maryland state college system.

He obtained his BS in International Business from the University of Maryland and his MBA from Loyola University of Maryland. Even though his degrees are in business, much of his experience is in data analytics. Dave has run three, and started two, small businesses during his career and he is very familiar with how hard a person must work to make a small business successful.

Dave Belgard will use his business background and analytical skills to benefit Gaithersburg. As a member of the City Council, Dave's experience and expertise will help the city make sound economic and financial decisions.

Committed to supporting the disadvantaged

Dave's paternal grandfather, Pertis Belgard, was a sharecropper and worked hard labor jobs to provide for his family. Dave's father, John Belgard, is the only one of his six brothers and sisters to receive a college education. Dave is the first generation of his family that was not born into poverty.

Dave Belgard is dedicated to supporting and providing new and better opportunities for Gaithersburg's economically disadvantaged residents. As a member of the Gaithersburg City Council, Dave will work to make the entire city stronger by helping all of its residents to have the best chances and possibilities for them and their families.

Committed to ensuring that people are treated equitably

His maternal grandfather, Joe Kaplan, was a railroad engineer and union leader in Louisiana. Joe advocated tirelessly for safe working conditions, fair pay, and equal treatment. Joe was also a lifelong advocate for civil rights in Louisiana. Dave's sister, Shelley Belgard, was born with significant developmental and learning disabilities. His mother, Gail Belgard, has worked tirelessly to help support Shelley, even helping to create a new shared residential model for her and others like her.

Dave Belgard’s background and history drives him to be a caretaker, a supporter, and an advocate. As a member of the Gaithersburg City Council, Dave will focus his efforts on making the city work for and support all of its residents.

Committed to Gaithersburg

Dave has been involved in serving the city since 2015. First as a member of a committee to design a new park for the city and later as a member of both the Community Advisory and Police Advisory committees. He has been a regular attendee at City Council meetings and many other city committee meetings.

He is looking forward to the opportunity to serve Gaithersburg in a greater capacity. Dave Belgard is running for City Council to ensure that Gaithersburg embraces diversity in all ways, that the city’s residents are empowered to be a part of its political decisions, and that Gaithersburg grows its economy with jobs of all types