Elected Officials

Ryan Spiegel

Dave is earnest, principled, entrepreneurial, and extremely hard-working and thoughtful.

He may not be the stereotypical politician, but he appreciates nuance, does his homework, shows up when others don't, and won't succumb to cynicism or vitriol when making important decisions for his community.

Community Leaders

Oscar Alvarenga

There are many residents in our city that are economically disadvantaged for different reasons and Dave is committed to assisting and offering new and better possibilities for the residents of Gaithersburg.

I have been a very active resident of Gaithersburg for over a decade, and I will vote for Dave Belgard on November 2nd.

Lenny Levy

Dave and I worked together on the development of a park for our City of Gaithersburg. I was impressed with Dave's willingness to be involved, his commitment, and his energy.

I know Dave will bring that same devotion to the well-being of our City and its citizens when he is given a chance to serve on our City Council. Please join me in voting Dave Belgard to serve on our Gaithersburg City Council.