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Josh Fischer - Why I support Dave Belgard for Gaithersburg City Council


My friend Dave Belgard is a long-time resident of Montgomery County and has resided in our city since 2010. He’s family-focused, dedicated to his community, and committed to serving on several local committees.

I fully support my friend Dave Belgard for Gaithersburg City Council because of his strong personal beliefs, history of serving our community, and extensive background in business and data analytics. I believe, with his background, he can bring more great paying jobs to the city. Also, with his economic knowledge, Dave can help increase our affordable housing program to ensure that those who want to own can afford to do so.

Dave believes in small businesses and knows the importance of the jobs they create. He will ensure our small businesses will thrive while also encouraging other small business owners to come to our city.

Dave knows the struggles that many of us face raising a family while working full time. He will ensure that everyone will have a voice at the table. That’s why I support my good friend Dave Belgard for City Council.

-Joshua Fischer, Gaithersburg Resident, UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO, Shop Steward, Gaithersburg Committees member

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