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We must focus our support on our #SmallBusinesses and the #Jobs they create

One of the core reasons I’m running is that I want to ensure that Gaithersburg is fully focused on building up and supporting our small businesses.

Nationwide, small businesses create two thirds of all jobs. They are the engine that puts our nation to work.
A vibrant economy rests on the backs of our small businesses and all of the people employed by them.

I know how hard it can be to start, run, and hopefully make a business successful. My wife is a small business owner and I’ve run three small businesses myself over the last 20 years. Today though, with the effects of the pandemic, being a small business owner is more difficult and uncertain than ever.

I am thankful for all of you that have put your blood, sweat, and tears into building your businesses. It is important for our governments at the Federal, state, and local levels – to support our small business communities. It is equally important for our residents to support our local small businesses too.

When we “Shop Local” we are putting our money into growing the businesses that provide jobs for our neighbors and our friends.

When we “Shop Local” we are growing the economic strength of the cities that we live in.

When we “Shop Local” we are telling the nation that we know how important our small businesses are to our communities.

Each of you out there that own, work at, or shop at our local small businesses are part of the economic engine that creates two thirds of all jobs. You are part of what makes our local economy vibrant and successful.

I’m Dave Belgard and I am running for Gaithersburg City council because I believe in the importance of our small businesses, and I believe that our governments must focus their efforts on supporting and building up the businesses that employ two thirds of our residents, neighbors, and friends.

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